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1. Trivia #339:
  "Stag Party" was the original name of Playboy Magazine. True or False?
2. Trivia #387:
  At approximately what speed do raindrops fall?
       7 mph        
       13 mph        
       25 mph        
       32 mph        
       39 mph        
3. Trivia #313:
  In the story Peter Pan, how much time did Wendy, Michael and John spend in Never Never Land?
       1 hour        
       2 hours        
       3 hours        
       4 hours        
       1 year        
4. Trivia #338:
  Salt is the only rock humans can eat. True or False?
5. Trivia #94:
  How fast was Titanic moving when she hit the iceberg?
       7 knots        
       12 knots        
       17 knots        
       22 knots        
       27 knots        
6. Trivia #186:
  What was the address of the Monkees' pad in their TV series, "The Monkees"?
       1438 North Beachwood        
       1438 South Beachwood        
       1438 East Beachwood        
       1438 West Beachwood        
       None of these.        
7. Trivia #332:
  What American state has no houseflies?
8. Trivia #97:
  Dry cereal for breakfast was invented by John Henry Kellogg. True or False?
9. Trivia #239:
  It is estimated that about 7-million of these are thrown away every day. Is it...
       Publishers Clearing House entries        
       Tax dollars        
       Micheal Bolton C.D.s        
       Sheet of unused paper        
10. Trivia #353:
  How many miles does the average office chair on wheels travel in one year?
       500 feet        
       1 mile        
       8 miles        
       15 miles        
       26 miles        
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